Awaiting Destiny

I thought my quest to discover the truth about my mother's mysterious disappearance had sadly ended. Moments ago, I watched my last breath bubble to the surface like fleeing butterflies as I sank helplessly into the salty depths of the sea…destined to be another lost mystery. My Dad’s heart would be painfully shattered again.
     My tears mixed with the seawater as the wondrous, aquarium-like scene slowly faded around me. I clenched the seastone necklace that was once my mother’s and finally drowned, an ordinary American girl…then woke a mermaid.
     Awaiting Destiny weaves a story of unfading love, enchanted sea stones, vivid underwater cities and colorful characters that are sure to exercise even the most adventurous of imaginations. Hang on to your fins…the sea is beckoning!

Chasing Destiny

True love…curses…intertwining fates…an enchanted adventure above and below the sparkling ocean waves.

     In a desperate attempt to uphold his promise to Destiny and reach her for her sixteenth birthday, Kincade stows away on a ship bound for Enchanted Cove.  But menacing forces intervene, and he ends up shanghaied with a band of smugglers, a bracelet of priceless pearls, and no memory of who or what he is.

     The news of Kincade’s disappearance has Destiny in a tailspin.  She knows he would do anything to keep his promise to her and must be in terrible danger.   To make matters worse, his mother, Queen Bali of Ameru, is holding Destiny personally responsible and threatening to sink ships above Mertopia.  Determined to find and rescue Kincade at any cost, Destiny seeks answers from the madam of the Mystique Boutique.  Strangely, the exotic woman is expecting her…a child of water.  Frantic, Destiny agrees to her “simple love transaction,” which leads her to promise to deliver the fortune-teller’s unknown true love by the next full moon or be forever cursed to share her fate.

     Facing deep peril at every turn and running out of time, Kincade and Destiny risk everything and discover how much they will sacrifice and endure for love…Chasing Destiny.